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jellofan7, You suck dick you fat bastard...

on the other hand, you guys rock!
keep posting your great masterpieces on newgrounds, we love you here! in my opinion, you're, without a doubt, the funniest animators I've ever seen. and since this series in related to gaming - it makes it even better for me.

This is a great ending... simply wonderful!

True hyper sonic is indeed a great edition to this series. Too bad it ended only after 3 episodes and not more, as you could drag it a bit longer if you wanted (although, each episode lasted enough).
Your fighting style is the best I've ever seen in sprite battles before - fast, long and impressive fighting moves made those fighting sequances (if thats how you write it) worth waiting for. each episode kept me waiting for the next, I guess that is your greatness LGDvegetto.
Can't wait for your next project to come it... as you said before, if it's going to be even greater and better then Quest For Power, it's gonna be worth seeing even more the once. just work on your sounds, ok?

nice movie indeed.

but at the end, where you said: "you hurt my friend.. and tails" - have you meant that tails wasn't sonic's friend? 'couse when I thought about it I actually laughed... I guess it really is kinda weird dont you think?


I got to say that this is, seriously, one of the most beutiful movies I've ever seen. Sonic is one of my favorite games among the ones for the PS2, and FMA is my favorite anime (exept for bleach, that is). This movie will take place as one of my favorites for sure my friend. what was really wonderful about this movie, is that it acts exectly like the opening of the 2nd season of FMA, and the characters do the same moves as the characters in the opening movie.
keep on the good work.

It was great and very original...

I was wondering when you'll be submitting the 4th one in the series... and at least you did.
This was the best in terms of graphics and sounds... buy the 3rd one (AKA the one with bubble bubble) was much funnier. anyway, it was one of the best movies I've ever seen... up you go into my favorites ;)

Needle responds:

I'm still trying to perfect my scriptwriting abilities for this series - Newgrounds is great because it lets me know what people want more of. More humor? Can do!

It was great, but it wasn't original...

When I was level one, I loved searching the potal for submissions that had sprites in them, and I remember seeing vegita VS sonic for more then once... twice.... 50 times.
Anyway, You got the skills. This movie was damn good, especially the finishing for sonic - more stylish then ever, and that gave you my 10 for style... but then I watched vegeta's end, and it sucked, because of it, I gave you only 8 for style... and yet, eggman allowed me to give you 7 on humor (it was half funny, but before that scene I only gave you like, a 5 in humor for sonic that always keep saying "*object* boring...".
great movie, I gave you a nine, keep on doing sprite movies!

Most Of The Parts Are Not Really That Funny, Man..

This movie was suppose to be based upon the humoristic parts in it... which weren't that funny anyway...
But, I must say I liked those two parts with the monkey, when he yells "wa!" "wa!"... I actually laughed... but on most parts, I just looked and said "WTF?" or "WTC?" or "WTH?" or "This isn't very funny..." etc.
Work on your humor man, learn from other flash artists :)

Violence Doesn't Really Metter In This Crazy Movie

Loved It, Like all of your works. It started horrible, I was like "OMFG, this can't be him, the animation is preety nice, but its not as smooth as it suppose to look and it... and the bodies ack like crap (sry)", but right about the last part of the chase, after claire shot the exploding barrals, I understood that you've came back again, big time.
I just want to make sure, your Code Veronica: Flash Edn took you alot of time... have you done the first part of the movie long ago? and the other parts, when she finds herself after killing all the zombies later on? 'couse that would explain the diffrence between those parts, when you look at the animation.
good movie anyway, love your work, always stay on newgrounds and keep doing those great movies which you do so well!

Good movie indeed... some nice hack & slash

I really liked your movies style, I mean. I played D&D since I was 7 and still continue to play it, and your movie really looked like a battle against a dragon.
The sound could have been better, although it was good as it was. Your animation wasn't smooth at some points... which made your movie to look a bit unrealistic, but you can fix it easily. no probs.
Great movie man, I gave you 8, so thats got to mean something... right?

lazy48th responds:

Thanks, I wasn't happy with it either, and could definitely see where it could be improved. It was my first project and wanted to see what kind of reaction I would get for it. I also have a final project involving WW2 using sprites, and will submit it sometime next week.

Yeah it was nice indeed, especially the samus aran

yeah, how you said she'll die because she didn't had her morph ball because knux and tailes got it... lol, smart enough for me.
anyway, I liked the first one better, you did a great job there, with the part where tailes says: "we're from the future", and the other replays "no you're nor..." and then the first one goes like with a look of "wa!" on his face... and sonic saying "dude..." so the other says "dude..." that was a really great masterpiece, you got my 5 back there. anyway, this one was good as well... but I'm not a great fan of link anyway, except for "the real legend of zelda 2" which is extremly funny... and another movie where link wakes up and starts to cry like "ohh ganny poo... i need a hug!" lol...
see it on my favs. anyway, great job, you get a 9 from me... well a 9.2 if to be honest. keep doing these... and next time, do a pokemon game or a megaman game with tailes (is there another?) and amy... oh yeah, that should be a laugh, ROFL maybe.
a great job anyway!

RupeeClock responds:

Heh, if there is a next time, Pokémon and maybe megaman indeed, and it was gonna be Amy anyway. ;)

All in all what you like depends on what games you like, didn't like Zelda? Watch Metroid, didn't like Metroid? Watch Zelda, don't like either? Oh crap... XD

Thanks for the nice big review!

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